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Sustainability Commission

Staff Liaison:  Paul Drotos, Email:, Phone: 651.388.1042 
Council Liaison:  Evan Brown, Email:, Phone: 651.388.6229

The Sustainability Commission is composed of nine to fifteen citizen members with the purpose of providing advice to the City Council concerning environmental issues and initiatives confronting the City. The Commission works with citizens, government, businesses and local community organizations to protect and preserve the ecological resources of the community so that they are in balance with the cultural, historic, recreational, and economic resources of our river and land for generations to come. Specifically, the commission is charged with recommending a sustainability plan to the City Council; assisting and advising the Council, Planning Commission and other City agencies in assessing the environmental impact of proposed undertakings; recommending environmental policies; completing studies; developing educational programs; and establishing volunteer programs and opportunities. The commission meets the 4th Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. Odd months meetings will be held in the Council Chambers at City Hall and even month workshops will be held in the Public Works Conference Room.

Sustainability Commission Members Include:

  • Chairperson, Laura Wildenborg
  • Vice-Chair, Richard Huelskamp
  • Joan Halgren
  • Randy McLaughlin
  • Gary Stone
  • Michael Johnson
  • William Gehn
  • Marta Newlon
  • Becky Norton

Red Wing Sustainability Vision Statement

A sustainable community meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
Based on the 1987 United Nations Report – Our Common Future

A Sustainable Community

  • Balances environment, economy, and social good
  • Recognizes a healthy sustainable environment is the basis for economic and community development

Red Wing Sustainability Mission Goals

  • Ensure a healthy and safe environment
  • Strive to enhance and preserve the community’s natural resources
  • Direct wise energy use by thoughtful consumption practices and energy production
  • Reduce pollution of the environment and promote alternative practices
Application to join the Sustainability Commission

Agendas, Minutes and More 

To view Sustainability Commission past meeting minutes or agendas, visit Red Wing's LaserFiche system.  You may be prompted to log into the server.  If you are, the username is public and the password is public.

News from the Sustainability Commission (S.C.)  

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