City of Red Wing

Special Waste Disposal

The Integrated Solid Waste Management Campus does not have the proper facilities to accept the below waste, but would like to provide direction where to dispose of them locally. Rubber, polyurethane compounds, and certain composites are some unacceptable waste.

Special commercial or industrial waste (i.e. oil coated waste, plastic media, special oil spill recovery materials,) received from business can be accepted provided material profiles are available and material is compatible with our combustion process. Please contact the Environmental Resources Division at 651.385.3658.

2017 Fee Schedule - Solid Waste Division


Tires are accepted at the Integrated Solid Waste Management Campus. Disposal rates for tires are listed in the fee schedule or you can call 385-3658 for rates.


Major appliances should be taken to a recycling center, such as Hove Metals (388-5944) or AMG Alliance (388-1790). Please contact the Integrated Solid Waste Management Campus with questions about disposing of your appliances at our facility and our disposal rates.

Hazardous Waste

Only very small amounts of hazardous waste, such as household cleaners, solvents, pesticides, auto products and paint, can be accepted at the Integrated Solid Waste Management Campus.

Goodhue County offers several Household Hazardous Collection days throughout the year. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this service and can contact the County at 651.385.3105 for a schedule of collection days. Typically these collection days fall between May and September each year.

Waste Oil Filters, Automobile Batteries & Fluorescent Lights

These items are not accepted for disposal at the Integrated Solid Waste Management Campus. Residents are encouraged to contact Goodhue County at 651.385.3105, for information on how to properly dispose of these items.