City of Red Wing

Snow Emergency Routes

When a Snow Emergency is declared, all vehicles must be removed from these streets by midnight, and remain off these streets until noon the first day of the Snow Emergency.

12th Street - South Park Street to Seymour Street
15th Street - East Avenue to Bush Street
Aspen Avenue – TH #61 to Mill Road
Bench Street North – TH #61 to Old West Main Street
Buchanan Street - West Sixth Street to West Fourth Street
Bush Street - Levee Street to West Fifth Street
Bush Street - Tenth Street to 20th Street
Cannon River Avenue - TH #61 to Industrial Park Road
Carol Lane - South Service Drive to Graves Drive
Central Avenue - Maple Street to West Seventh Street
College Avenue - West Seventh Street to Oak Street
Eagle Ridge Drive - Co. Road #21 to Red Wing Senior High School
East Avenue - Broad Street to Oakwood Cemetery Entrance
East Seventh Street – Bluff Street to State Hwy #292
Emmett Avenue - Learning Lane to Dead End
Eunice Avenue - Hallquist Avenue to Sunny Meadow Lane
Featherstone Road - Buchanan Street to Co. Rd #1
Frances Avenue – Sunny Meadow Lane to Hallquist Avenue
Graves Drive – Carol Lane to Co. Road #53
Guernsey Lane - TH #58 to Red Wing Senior High School
Hallquist Avenue - Pioneer Road to South Oak Drive
Hay Creek Valley Road - Pioneer Road to Featherstone Road
Hennings Avenue - Pioneer Road to Hi-Park Avenue
Hi Park Avenue – Hennings Avenue to TH #58
Industrial Park Road - Cannon River Avenue to Tyler Road North
Learning Lane - Emmett Avenue to Aspen Avenue
Levee Street - Broad Street to Bush Street
Main Street - Old West Main Street to Potter Street
Maple Street - Mason Street to Southwood Avenue
Mason Street - Seymour Street to Maple Street
Mill Road - TH #19 to Co. Road #53
Moundview Drive - TH #61 to TH #61
Neal Street - Hay Creek Valley Road to Siewert Street
North Service Drive - Carol Lane to Old West Main Street
Oak Street - College Avenue to Williams Avenue
Old West Main Street - North Service Drive to Cedar Street
Perlich Avenue - Pioneer Road to Neal Street
Pioneer Road - Twin Bluff Road to TH #58
Plum Street - Parking ramp entrance to Tenth Street
Seymour Street - 12th Street to Chestnut Street
Siewert Street - Neal Street to Woodland Drive
South Service Drive - Carol Lane to Tyler Road South
South Service Drive – Vincent Avenue to TH #61
Southwood Avenue - Spruce Drive to Maple Street
Spruce Drive - West Maple Avenue to Twin Bluff Road
Sturgeon Lake Road - County Road 18 to Lock and Dam Road
Sunny Meadow Lane – Eunice Avenue to Frances Avenue
Tile Drive - Withers Harbor Drive to Featherstone Road
Twin Bluff Road - Pioneer Road to West Avenue
Tyler Road North - Industrial Park Road to TH #61
Tyler Road South – Co. Road #1 to TH #61
West Avenue - Broad Street to Twin Bluff Road
West Fourth Street - Buchanan Street to Bluff Street
West Maple Avenue - Featherstone Road to Spruce Drive
West Seventh Street - West Avenue to Bluff Street
West Sixth Street - Williams Avenue to Buchanan Street
West Third Street - West Avenue to Potter Street
Williams Avenue - Oak Street to West Sixth Street
Withers Harbor Drive - TH #61 to Old West Main Street
Woodland Drive - Siewert Street to West Maple Avenue