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This area of The Public Works Department provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for all residents and visitors of any age. Staff works continuously to balance maintenance and acquisition with construction and development of new recreational areas. Resident and voluntary involvement are key factors to the success of this area.

Red Wing has 38 community and neighborhood parks throughout the city. Our parks include such amenities as trails, athletic fields, playgrounds, neighborhood parks, open space, aquatic center, park pavilions, softball or basketball backstops, and offer outdoor skating rinks. Red Wing has earned a reputation of excellence in the provision of parks and recreational opportunities.

To learn more about individual City of Red Wing parks, their locations and what they have to offer, or perhaps rent one of the pavilions or plan an event at one of the parks, click the links below.

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Volunteers Needed to Help Maintain Services

For information on how you can volunteer to maintain our parks, visit our volunteer page.