City of Red Wing

City of Red Wing GIS Web Mapping Links

Welcome to the City of Red Wing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) online web mapping page! Click the links below to access the applications.

For questions on the web maps or data please contact GIS Systems Specialist Leanne Knott at 651-385-3619 or email at

The Zoning Web Map provides access to the City Zoning information by parcel. Please click on the link below to access the web map.

                                                                                                 Red Wing Zoning Web Map

The Red Wing Parcel Viewer provides access to the City's GIS parcel dataset and property tax information. The application is self-service and allows people to conduct research on properties within the City of Red Wing. **Please note: This application is best viewed using the web browser Google Chrome.            

                                                                               Red Wing Parcel Viewer



The Red Wing Online Map Gallery provides a variety of online map applications for use on desktop, tablet and smart phone devices. The following applications can be accessed through the Gallery:

You can access the full Gallery by clicking ont the image above or through this link: City of Red Wing Online Maps  Click on the map icons to access the applications.


**Data Disclaimer: The City of Red Wing assumes NO liability for the completeness of their data OR any responsibility for any associated direct, indirect, or consequential damages that may result from their use or misuse.