City of Red Wing

Recycling Collection

RubinThe City of Red Wing first began operating a recycling collection service in January, 1994. The Public Works Department’s goal was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and to promote a healthy and sustainable future for the community. Red Wing residents have helped reached this goal by steadily increasing the volume of refuse diverted from incineration and being recycled instead. The active participation of residents is key to the success of the program.


2018 Residential & Commercial Recycling Brochure



Recycling Collection Guidelines

  • Recycling is collected once per week as per routes laid out on the City Map
  • Separate and clean recyclables.
  • Place at the curb before 6:00 a.m. on the designated recycling day for your area.
  • All recycling must be placed in paper bags (plastic bags are acceptable, but do not tie them shut), or separate containers.
  • Residents may place out unlimited amounts of sorted recycling.
  • Residents may use a city recycling bin, their own bin or any container labeled as recycling.
  • Large volumes of recycling can be brought to the Solid Waste Campus.

If additional recycling bins are needed, they can be purchased at the Solid Waste Campus located at 1873 Bench Street at a cost of $8.50 each.

Proper Placement of Your Recycling Bin is Important

Proper Placement of Your ContainersRecycling containers must be placed at least 4 feet away from your garbage can or any other obstruction (pole, mailbox, etc.). One suggestion is to place your recycling bin on the opposite side of the driveway as your garbage can.

Missed Recycling

  • Customers who have had their weekly collection missed (meaning it was put out by 6 a.m. and placed in the proper location on your collection day and not picked up by the crew) must notify the Solid Waste Campus at 651.385.3658 by 4 p.m. on their regularly scheduled collection day or by 8 a.m. on the following work day to have the container picked up that week.
  • If your recycling was “missed” because it was not put out on time, not put out on your collection day, or not put out in the proper location, you will either have to wait until your next scheduled collection day for pickup, or you can bring it out to the Solid Waste Campus for disposal.

What Day Is My Recycling Picked Up?

Recycling is collected once per week as per routes laid out on the City Map. The interactive map below is color coded to show the day of the week that each area of town is picked up.

  • Residents receiving Valet Service are collected on Wednesdays
  • Residents on the Rural Route, which would be outside the map area, are collected on Tuesdays
  • Holiday Weeks, recycling collection is delayed by one day from the holiday thru the remainder of the week.   (Example: if a holiday falls on a Monday, collection is delayed by 1 day the entire week. However, if the holiday falls on a Wednesday, then only Wednesday and Thursday collection is delayed 1 day)

 Garbage Collection Map


To search by address, click This Link, then enter your address number


2018 Holiday Schedule

New Year’s Holiday, Monday, January 1st

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 15th

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

President’s Day, Monday, February 19th

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4th

No Collection. Wednesday-Thursday pick up delayed one day

Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

Columbus Day, Monday, October 8th

NO HOLIDAY – Normal Collection

Veteran’s Day, Monday, November 12th

No Collection, pick up delayed one day all week

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22nd

No Collection. Thursday collection delayed until Friday

Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25th

No Collection, Tuesday-Thursday pick up delayed one day

New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

No Collection, Tuesday-Thursday pick up delayed one day

Newspaper, Cardboard, Office Paper and Magazines

  • All fiber products may be combined in a separate container or paper bag. This includes colored paper, inserts, catalogs, shiny paper and envelopes without the glossy window.
  • Items must be bagged securely or bundled. Flatten and tie boxes in three foot sections for collection.
  • Large volumes of cardboard can be brought to the Red Wing Solid Waste Campus.
  • UNACCEPTED ITEMS: Wrapping paper, paper towels, napkins, cups, paper plates, pizza boxes, waxy cardboard and gift wrap.
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Moving boxes, flyers, magazines, newsprint, scrap paper, greeting cards, paper bags, shredded paper, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, catalogs, phone books and other boxes and papers similar to those listed.

Plastics, Aluminum and Tin Cans

  • Plastic, aluminum and tin cans may be combined in a separate container or paper bag.
  • All plastic bottles and food containers are acceptable (numbers 1 & 2).
  • All containers should be cleaned.
  • Red Wing Curbside Collection Program accepts only food and bevarage containers. All alluminum types are accepted.
  • UNACCEPTED ITEMS: No plastic swimming pools, tricycles, toys, plastic bags, Styrofoam, whipped topping containers, motor oil containers, margarine tubs, yogurt containers and "Glad" type or "Rubbermaid" type containers.
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Pop cans, beer cans, food cans, pop bottles, water bottles, milk jugs, laundry containers, coffee cans, ketchup bottles, shampoo containers, etc.


  • Recycle clear, brown and green/blue bottles and jars.
  • Sort by color. Clear glass, brown glass and green glass must each be in a separate bag or container for pick-up.
  • Remove caps and lids.
  • UNACCEPTED ITEMS: Window glass, light bulbs, cosmetic bottles, crystal, dishes, drinking glasses, mirrors, ovenware and ceramic glass.
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Beer bottles, pop bottles, glass sauce containers or food containers, wine bottles, liiquor bottles, etc.

What Can't I Put in my Recycling Bin?

Textiles, Batteries & Electronics. While each of these types of items may be recyclable, the City of Red Wing does not have a program for recycling them.

  • Textiles: Booth Goodhue County and the City of Red Wing no longer accept textiles as a recyclable items. the Salvation Army and Annadee's Closet will accept clean and undamaged clothing for donation. There are also Red boxes in various locaitons around Red Wing that residents can drop off textiles.
  • Batteries: Aldaline (long life) batteries and Zinc-Carbon (heavy-duty) batteries should be disposed of in the regular trash. NiCad lithium and button batteries can be disposed of my contacting the Goodhue County Recycling Center.
  • Electronics: Televisions, Computers, computer Monitors, DVD Players, VCRs, CD Players, Stereos, Phones, Modems, Cable Boxes, Scanners, Paper Shredders, Satellite Dishes, Webcams, Answering Machines, DVRs, Printers, FAX Machines and Copiers can be disposed of for a charge at the Solid Waste Campus. We are not aware of any location in or aroundRed Wing accepting electronics free of charge. Click Ewaste for more information.

What Makes Items Unacceptable for Recycling?

Gift Wrap - is often printed with too much colored or metalic ink, which will contaminate the batch of new paper pulp and greatly increase the amount of "bleaching agent" necessary to whiten the pulp to produce paper.

Wet Strength, Poly/Wax Coated Paper - these items are coated with wet-strength chemicals, poly or waxes, which do not break down at the same rate as non-coated paper.

Ceramics - have a higher melting temperature than glass, so when mixed in with recyclable glass, the ceramic pieces become embeded in new glass resulting in defective and unacceptable new containers.

Margerine Tubs, Whipped Cream Tubs, etc. - Different processes are used to make different containers, different plastics melt at different temperatures and this all affects how the plastic resin is recycled. Wide mouth plastic tubs are made by injection molding with a different formula.

Marketing Recyclable Materials

Many houlshold items can be recycled. However, it may not be economically possible to collect all types of particular materials. New technology will produce new markets for more materials in the future. In order for a material to be recycled . . .

  • A market must exist that will accept the material and use it to make a new product;
  • The material must be in demand by manufacturers to produce a saleable product and a sufficient, steady supply of a good quality material must be provided to meet the manufacturer's production needs;
  • A material must meet market specifications. It cannot be contaminated with dirt or grease;
  • Consumers must purchase products made from recycled materials.

What are Recyclables Used to Make?

Aluminum Cans - are shredded, cleaned, melted and mixed with a pure aluminum base, then recast into new aluminum products.

Corrugated Cardboard - can be recycled into new corrugated cardboard, boxboard, puzzles and things such as egg cartons.

Glass Food/Beverage containers - are crushed into a material called cullet and made into new food/beverage containers.

Magazines, Catalogs and Phone Books - are recycled into items such as food/gift boxes, tissue paper, game boards and greeting cards.

Newspapers - are mexed with other grades of paper and used to make new newspapers, paperboard, puzzles, wallboard, gift/food boxes, cellulose insulation and animal bedding.

Plastic #1 and #2 Containers

  • #1PETE is recycled into carpet, clothing, strapping, tennis balls and other bottles.
  • #2HDPE is recycled into new containers, drainage pipe, film, pallets and plastic lumber for picnic tables and decks.

Steel Food Cans - can be remade into tinplate containers or used to make new cans for food products.