City of Red Wing

Staying Green this Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 29 2009 12:00 AM

Paul Drotos, Environmental Officer, Public Works Department  

The holly green and the evergreen are traditional greens of the holiday season; but this year, add an environmental green to the mix.  

In the past, naughty children would find a lump of coal in Christmas stockings; but, nowadays, keeping coal out of the atmosphere would be a great gift for the next generation. By recycling, individuals can save 95 percent of the energy and materials needed to make them from scratch. These savings add up to a mountain of coal lumps and, in return, means less greenhouse gases.     

Many green ideas are not noticeable. For example, new light-emitting diode (LED) lighting saves 90 percent of electricity compared to older lights. Also, turning down the thermostat when away saves energy every minute. Saving energy saves money, and that’s some green anyone can appreciate, regardless of the season.    

While sharing the bounty and blessings of this holiday season, it is worth remembering that the holidays are especially about children and their future. Doing green things will help to make that future bright.       

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