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Wednesday, November 16 2011 12:00 AM

Help from drivers is needed to ensure safe passage of streets in winter.


The City of Red Wing's snow removal process relies heavily on residents staying informed and being prepared to move vehicles as necessary so snow can be removed from streets safely and efficiently.

During snowfalls (or in anticipation) of six inches or more in one snow event, the City of Red Wing will provide notice that a snow emergency is being declared.  When a snow emergency is declared, notification will be provided to the local radio and newspaper, the city website at,and Channel 6 locally as well as Twin Cities and Rochester radio and television stations by 6:00 pm on the day preceding the emergency.  Please remember that snow emergencies are typically two day events, with the first day affecting all snow emergency routes and the second day all non-snow emergency routes.

Each snow emergency will take effect at 12:01 a.m.  According to the guidelines established in the Snow and Ice Control Policy, all vehicles parked on city streets designated as Snow Emergency Routes must be moved and must remain off these streets until noon.  Vehicles remaining parked on these streets during the declared period will be ticketed and towed at the vehicle owners' expense.  This includes vehicles re-parked on plowed streets during the declared period.  Parking is allowed during this period on all other streets that are not designated as Snow Emergency Route streets unless otherwise indicated.

For a complete copy of the Snow Emergency Reminder which was inserted in your Utility Bill, please click this link.

To go to the City's Snow Emergency Webpage for additional information and maps, please click this link.


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