City of Red Wing

Effective Snow Removal, A Joint Effort

Sunday, November 15 2009 12:00 AM

hansonRose Hanson, Secretary, Public Works Department

 In addition to the snow removal provided by the City of Red Wing, residents and business owners also have certain responsibilities. These include clearing sidewalks, driveways, mailboxes and fire hydrants adjacent to their property. These areas should be cleaned without depositing any snow onto street surfaces. Snow piles must be placed where they will not be an obstruction to the vision of vehicles or pedestrians. If it’s not possible to clear away the snow from a nearby hydrant, please call the Public Works Department at 385.3674 to report it.

 Unfortunately, mailboxes may be damaged by the weight of snow. To help prevent this from happening, residents should contact the Post Office about proper installation. A properly installed mailbox has less chance of being damaged by a snowplow, since most damage is caused to mailboxes that are either too close to the roadway, at an incorrect height or mounted on a substandard post.

 The City of Red Wing would like to thank residents for their cooperation and assistance with snow removal.


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