City of Red Wing

Council Approves Request to Install Irrigation System and Minor Repairs on Soccer Fields at AP Anderson Park.

Wednesday, July 28 2010 12:00 AM

City Council at its July 26th Meeting approved a request to install an irrigation system and minor repairs on three soccer fields at AP Anderson Park.

A letter from the Red Wing Soccer Club was sent to the Public Works Department requesting the installation of an irrigation system on three soccer fields at AP Anderson Park. The request was forwarded to the Community Recreation Joint Powers Board for a recommendation. At the July 15, 2010 Joint Powers Board meeting, a motion was made by Mike Schultz with a second by Dan Bender to recommend to City Council the approval of the offer by the Red Wing Soccer Club to pay for the installation of irrigation at the A.P. Anderson soccer fields. The total cost for the installation of the irrigation for the three fields is $18,025.00. The motion was unanimously approved.

Public Works Staff will need to do additional work at this time on the fields. There are some low areas where fill will need to be hauled in and brought to grade. After irrigation lines are installed, trenches need to be filled in, rolled, and reseeded. There will also be ongoing maintenance costs associated with the installation of the system and the average watering costs per year is about $8,000.00. Ball fields at the Athletic Field and AP Anderson Park already have costs associated with irrigation systems.


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