City of Red Wing

Red Wing Fire Department responds to attic fire

Saturday, January 21 2012 12:00 AM
  On January 21st at 04:17, the Red Wing Fire Department received a call reporting loss of electricity and smoke in a house located at 1107 South Park St.

Firefighter/paramedics were on scene within 5 minutes of receiving the call and found indications of an attic fire. Fire fighters breached the ceiling in the second story of the house and extinguished the fire using water and compressed air foam. Extensive overhaul of the ceiling and attic were required to completely extinguish the fire. The fire was completely out after approximately 45 minutes. The damage was contained to the attic and upstairs of the triplex. No injuries to emergency responders or anyone else resulted.

Apparatus used on the scene included 2 fire engines, and ambulance, and 2 light duty support vehicles. A total of 7 full-time and 10 Paid-On-Call firefighters worked at the scene for over 3 hours.

The cause of the fire, which originated in the attic, is believed to be the result of overloaded electrical wiring that was used for powering electric space heaters.

The Red Cross was on scene to assist the families who are temporarily displaced.

The mission of the Red Wing Fire Department is to enhance the safety and security of the community by providing cost effective protection of life and property, through fire prevention, public education, fire suppression and emergency medical care.

Contact: Scott Will
Fire Captain
Red Wing Fire Department

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