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Bituminous Street Overlay Project Update

Wednesday, July 3 2013 12:00 AM

Work continues on the construction of bituminous milling, bituminous reclamation, bituminous pavement overlay and other appurtenant construction on several streets and parking lots in Red Wing.  These streets will have flaggers, lane closures in both directions, and traffic interruptions at various stages of construction.

A more detailed schedule for the week of July 8th is as follows: 

  • Complete Milling of Bituminous Materials on Proposed Streets - Monarch will be working on Saturday, July 6th (weather permitting) Proposed streets include: 
Spruce Drive (Foursome to West Maple)
Maple Street (West Avenue to Southwood)
Foursome Street (Spruce to dead end)
Teeup Lane (Spruce to dead end)
Hi Park Avenue (Hennings to Cherry)
Birchwood Drive (West Maple to Poplar)
Willow Drive (West Maple to Red Oak)
Poplar Drive (West Maple to Birchwood)
Red Oak Avenue (Spruce to Poplar)
Forest Lane (Carol Lane to Helen)
North Park Street (West 6th to West 7th)
Helen Lane (Carol Lane to Forest)
Wallace Lane (Carol Lane to dead end)
Brooks Avenue (Pine Ridge to 500' south of Patch Cresent)
Chickadee Court (Pine Ridge to dead end)
East Avenue (12th to Oakwood Cemetery)
Eunice Avenue (Hallquist to Sunny Meadow
  • Clean-up and Prep Work to Prepare for Bituminous Overlay - Monarch will be following up behind the milling operations doing the adjustments of manhole structures, valve box structures and general cleanup of milled streets to prepare for bituminous overlay on proposed streets. 
  • Bituminous Paving Operations - Bituminous paving operations will be started on the Potter Street Parking Lot, Public Works Parking Lot, Red Fox Drive and on Westwood Hills Drive. 

This project is scheduled to be completed before August 31.  For Project updates, please visit the City of Red Wing's website at  Motorists are encouraged to stay alert and drive carefully through the various construction zones.  The City of Red Wing appreciates drivers' cooperation and patience during this time of inconvenience. 

Contact:  Alan Holm, Project Coordinator
Engineering Department
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