City of Red Wing

Tornado Drills to Take Place on Thursday, April 20

Tuesday, April 18 2017 3:42 PM

From the Office of Emergency Management:

On Thursday April 20th the National Weather Service will be conducting their annual Tornado Awareness drills. All local NWS Offices will be participating with the drills.

At 1:00 PM the NWS will sent out a test Tornado Watch Notification to all tone alert weather radios and Emergency Action Messages via TV and Radio. This test will make the radio sound and there will be verbal notifications after the tones.

At 1:45PM the NWS will send out a test Tornado Warning to all tone alert radios and EAS Messaging. Following the Tone Alert there will be verbal notifications and instructions. Goodhue County Dispatch will be sounding the Warning Sirens in Goodhue County. The Public is encouraged to participate in the drill and go to your storm shelter areas.

At 2:00 PM the NWS will announce the end of the drill there will be no siren activation or Tone Alert Radio activation via Emergency Action Message on TV and Radio

At 6:45 PM the NWS will conduct a second tornado warning test and there will be Tone Alert Radio and Siren Activation as well as EAS messages. Again the public is encouraged to participate and seek shelter in the appropriate storm shelter areas or lowest levels of their residences.

At 7:00 PM the NWS will announce the end of the drill via EAS messages.

The Public is encouraged to take this time to prepare emergency “go” kits in the event a storm impacts Red Wing and surrounding areas. Knowing the locations of flashlights, battery operated radios, medical supplies, and extra clothing is important as well as preplanning meeting locations in the event you need to evacuate your residence.

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