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Redistricting Open House - Monday, March 5 at 5:00 PM, Red Wing Library Foot Room

Thursday, March 1 2012 12:00 AM

The City of Red Wing will hold a public open house on March 5, 2012 from 5 PM to 7PM in the Foot Room of the Red Wing Public Library. The purpose of this open house is to facilitate public comment prior to the release of any preliminary plan. Several Alternative plans will be displayed at this meeting in order to help stimulate public discussion. The City Council will consider redistricting plans and comments submitted by the general public.  For more information and to view the Alternative Scenario Redistricting Maps that will be on view at the Open House click on the following links:

2012 Red Wing Redistricting Guide

Map 1: Ward Boundary Changes:  Scenario 1

Map 2: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 1 - 3 Precincts Per Ward

Map 3: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 1 - 2 Precincts Per Ward

Map 4: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 2

Map 5: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 2 - 3 Precincts Per Ward

Map 6: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 2 - 2 Precincts Per Ward

Map 7: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 3

Map 8: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 3 - 3 Precincts Per Ward

Map 9: Ward Boundary Changes: Scenario 3 - 2 Precincts Per Ward

Redistricting is the process of redrawing the boundaries of election districts, done in the United States after the completion of the decennial Census last completed in 2010. The principle of "One Person, One Vote", which is achieved through the redistricting process, includes both chambers of the state legislatures, county commissioner districts, municipal districts, and districts of other jurisdictions. Each local unit of government must determine its redistricting responsibility. The legislature is responsible for redrawing U.S. congressional districts and both houses of the state legislature. Once this is completed, the City of Red Wing needs to ensure that the four voting wards of the City have as equal a population as is practicable (M.S. 205.84 subd. 1). Since Red Wing has a City Charter, the City has additional requirements that call for redistricting when the largest populated ward exceeds the smallest populated ward by more than ten (10%) of the smallest ward (Red Wing Charter, Section 9.10). In 2010, the largest populated ward in Red Wing (Ward 1) exceeded the smallest populated ward (Ward 4) by approximately 16.8%. Cities can establish voting precincts within wards that do not have to be equal in population but must be wholly contained within a single ward boundary.

The City Council of the City of Red Wing has sixty days after the State legislature establishes congressional and state legislative districts to pass an ordinance establishing new ward and precinct boundaries; or until April 3, 2012 whichever is sooner.

Public Process
Cities are encouraged to provide a process for public information and participation in the process. The City Council will conduct a Public Hearing at a meeting scheduled for March 12, 2012 and will discuss a preliminary redistricting plan. Written and oral public comments will be taken prior to the City Council introduction of an ordinance.

The City Council will provide another opportunity for public comments at a meeting scheduled for March 26, 2012 and written and oral comments will be taken at that time prior to the City Council adoption of an ordinance.

Preliminary Redistricting Principles
State law, past court decisions, and the City Charter provide some guiding principles for the redistricting process. The following principles will be followed in Red Wing's redistricting process:
• Wards must be as equal in population as practicable. No ward population shall exceed the ward population of the smallest populated ward by more than 10 percent.
• Wards shall be bounded by precinct lines.
• Wards shall be composed of contiguous territory.
• Wards shall be as compact as practicable.
• Ward boundaries shall protect known communities of interest to the greatest extent possible.
• Ward boundaries shall neither protect incumbents nor generate excessive incumbent conflicts.
• Precincts must be wholly contained within one ward.
• Precincts voting places should be located within the precinct boundary whenever possible; and within one mile of the precinct boundary.
• Precinct boundaries shall follow census block lines and shall be contiguous boundaries.

Questions? Please contact City Clerk Kathy Johnson at 651.385.3601 or email at or contact Planning Director Brian Peterson at 651.385.3617 or email at


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