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Red Wing 2020, A Brief History

Sunday, November 15 2009 12:00 AM

1982 was a pivotal year in Red Wing’s growth - the first year the business community and the City of Red Wing took steps to create the Port Authority. It took three more years before former Council Administrator and Red Wing 2020 board member Dean Massett sought and received state Legislative approval to establish the Port Authority.

The process that formed the Port Authority also created the Red Wing 2020 committee. Massett said, “The committee’s greatest strength is the diverse makeup of its members. Membership includes individuals representing the school board, large and small businesses, labors, the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the healthcare community, the City of Red Wing, Goodhue County, the Chamber of Commerce, the arts and culture community, the agriculture community and Prairie Island Indian Community.” Today’s version of Red Wing 2020 is guided by Red Wing resident John Hanson.

Red Wing 2020’s goal is to develop a community vision to improve residents’ quality of life and promote economic growth. Hanson’s motto, “what gets measured gets done,” is echoed by all committee members, dedicated to charting the course of Red Wing’s future.

Red Wing 2020 features four subcommittees with specific goals in mind:


*Infrastructure Subcommittee
*Eco Subcommittee 
*Changing Demographsics Subcommittee
*Environmental Subcommittee 


Over the past months, these four subcommittees have developed a list of goals that include installing fiber-optic cable, creating a senior university, forming a new environmental center and improving signs to guide visitors to the downtown area.


For more information or to join a subcommittee, please contact John Hanson at or 388.2660. A full description of the four subcommittees and their goals will be published in the December issue of Red Wing’s Current.

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