City of Red Wing

Red Wing 2012 Redistricting Completed

Wednesday, April 25 2012 12:00 AM

The Red Wing City Council recently completed the process of redistricting its Ward and Precinct boundaries for election purposes. Redistricting is the process of redrawing the boundaries of election districts every ten years when the U.S. Census population results are known. In Red Wing's case, the result of the 2010 U.S. Census established the need to redraw ward boundaries because the largest city ward had more than ten (10) percent of the smallest city ward population. The Red Wing City Council also decided to reduce the number of precincts within each of the City's four wards from three each to two each.

In order to redistribute Red Wing's population among the four voting wards of the City, three residential areas were moved from one ward to another. The three areas are:

Shift #1 - Ward 2 to Ward 1 The area bounded by County Highway #1 (Bench Street), Featherstone Road, Hay Creek Valley Road, and Pioneer Road (See boundary in map link).

Shift #2 - Ward 1 to Ward 2 Part of the neighborhood referred to as the "Fair Grounds" and generally between Harrison Street and Buchanan Street (See specific boundary in the map link).

Shift #3 - Ward 3 to Ward 4 Part of the area generally bounded by the Athletic Field and East Avenue (See specific boundary in the map link).

Precinct boundaries and polling places have changed for many Red Wing residents as a result of reducing the number of precinct polling places. This reduction was done primarily to reduce election administration costs and to focus election voting at polling places that are better suited for that purpose. To view the Ward, Precinct, and Polling Places please view this link (City of Red Wing Ward and Precinct Map).

For more information, contact: Kathy Seymour Johnson, City Clerk, at or 651/385-3601.

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