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Leise Joins City Team as Community Engagement Specialist

Friday, August 18 2017 4:06 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
On August 14, Michelle Leise officially stepped into her role as the new Community Engagement Specialist for the City of Red Wing.  Many of you will already know Michelle from her previous eight years of experience as the Coordinator of Live Healthy Red Wing, where she worked to unite citizen groups to increase people’s health and well-being across all sectors of our community.  If you do not yet know Michelle, chances are that you will soon,  since part of her job will be to connect with community members and seek citizen input on the decisions that affect all of us as residents.  H…

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City 101- Friedrich Center

Friday, August 18 2017 4:01 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
This week’s City 101 takes us to the Friedrich Center, a historically interesting building whose future is yet to be determined.  Discover what recent steps have been taken regarding this structure, and join us in determining the best potential use for it moving forward. City 101-Friedrich Center     XXX

Red Wing Works

Monday, August 7 2017 8:29 AM  •   Categorized In General Administration
As a community, we have been delighted to welcome the Duluth Trading Company (DTC) to Red Wing. Over one thousand of us flocked to their July 15, 2017 grand opening, happily learning about the virtues of extra gussets in jeans and duck-tailed shirts. DTC’s emphasis on “working man” clothes complements their neighbor's, Red Wing Shoes, merchandise line of “working man” footwear perfectly. The synergy they create together will be a boon for our downtown area and our city as a whole. The Duluth Trading Company’s arrival in Red Wing was no accident. When scouting for new …

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Art to Economic Development

Tuesday, August 1 2017 3:42 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
Conversations about art are happening more and more in rural communities. Specifically, how the arts can help to address some of the challenges that are unique to smaller towns and cities. How do we create a community where everyone feels a part of the whole? How do we make our town a community that will attract others to it, without having all of the shopping and entertainment amenities that larger cities have? Increasingly, city planners and activists are understanding that the arts can help answer these questions. Take for example the small town of Lanesboro, Minnesota, winner of the 2014 Bush Prize for C…

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Live Healthy Red Wing: A Strong Community Partner

Sunday, July 23 2017 5:19 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
The City of Red Wing and Live Healthy Red Wing (LHRW) have enjoyed a strong partnership since LHRW’s beginning almost eight years ago. Working as a collaboration of businesses, government, schools, and non-profits, LHRW has worked to increase the health and well-being of our community, guiding scores of projects that have impacted our citizens. Some of its activities have been highly visible, while others have been behind the scenes, working to change policies, improve our physical surroundings, and build the most inclusive culture we can for Red Wing. Predominantly funded through grant monies, the tota…

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Red Wing Receives Award for Racial Equality Efforts

Friday, July 14 2017 2:16 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
Racial equality isn’t just a catch phrase in Red Wing; it’s a principal we’re actively incorporating into our decision-making processes. We’ve been working to create an organized, intentional way of approaching policy that puts matters of race in the forefront, not as an afterthought.  Our efforts are having a positive effect,  though the work is just beginning. One step has been for Red Wing to join GARE, the Government Alliance on Race and Equity. GARE teams from across the state convene monthly to share ideas, learn how issues of race are impacting each of our communities…

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Major Milestone; City of Red Wing Employee Reaches 40 Year Employment Anniversary

Thursday, July 13 2017 5:02 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
City of Red Wing employee, Mary Anway, has happily fallen outside of the norm.  She knew in high school that she wanted a career in science, something unusual for females in the 1970s.  Even more unusual, she was the first woman to graduate from 916 Vocational School with a degree in Air and Water Analysis.  She landed a job six months after graduation with the City of Red Wing and has stayed there ever since.  Mary recently marked her 40 year employment anniversary, a milestone few in today’s job market reach. When Mary was first hired as a Field and Lab Technician, she was analyzi…

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City of Red Wing Employee Hits 40 Year Employment Anniversary

Thursday, July 6 2017 8:40 AM  •   Categorized In General Administration
It takes a special kind of person to do a job well over the long haul. Luckily for the City of Red Wing, Laurie Hoernemann is just that kind of person. She recently marked her 40 year employment anniversary with the City, and she had some interesting insights as to how things have changed between then and now.                        With her newly earned Secretarial/Clerical degree from Red Wing Technical College in hand, Laurie landed her first job after graduation with the City of Red Wing in …

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Meet SELCO's New Director, Krista Ross

Friday, June 30 2017 1:16 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
No single library could possibly contain every item that every person could want.  For this reasons, libraries often team up with others to share items.  One library may carry an excellent collection of non-fiction, while another may have an unrivaled romance collection, so they will share the items between their two libraries.  Our Red Wing Public Library is a member of such a partnership, one of twenty-eight libraries across southeastern Minnesota collectively referred to as SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating).  The SELCO system encompasses 11 counties including public, academic, …

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G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln Preservation Project Presentation

Friday, June 9 2017 12:29 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
Have you ever wondered what the stone structure on the back side of Barn Bluff is?  Now is your chance to find out its history, and its future! The Red Wing Heritage Preservation Commission will be hosting a presentation on Wednesday, June 14th at the Red Wing Conservation Club regarding the G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln and the City of Red Wing’s current efforts to preserve the historic structure.  Project architect, Angela Wolf Scott, AIA, LEED AP, of MacDonald & Mack Architects, will lead the presentation and will provide historical background information and details regarding the current …

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