City of Red Wing

City Takes Position on Repeal of the Nuclear Power Moratorium

Monday, January 31 2011 12:00 AM


On Monday, January 24th, 2011 the City Council adopted the following policy position on the State Legislature’s efforts to repeal the nuclear power moratorium (Minnesota Statutes 216B.243, Section 1, subdivision 3b).

Red Wing supports the nuclear power moratorium repeal provided that nuclear waste storage is addressed in a meaningful way and that pushes the federal government to accept its obligations under the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act; and further that the term "meaningful" at a minimum means the following:

That the Minnesota Attorney General will sue the United States Department of Energy for its failure to abide by federal law and open Yucca Mountain.

That the State of Minnesota conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the costs of storing waste onsite for potentially hundreds of years. It is essential that the long-term costs of the failure of the federal government to act are known at the state level.

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