City of Red Wing

City Council Annual Workshop

Monday, January 30 2012 12:00 AM

Red Wing City Council held their annual workshop on Friday, January 20 and Saturday, January 21.

The meeting began with discussion about the City's legislative issues for 2012. During this discussion City Council developed a 2012 priorities list.  Click the following link to view the Legislative Planning document and the priorities that were developed.

Next on the agenda were the 2011 department accomplishments.  Staff fielded a number of questions of the City Council. Click the links below to view full reports:

Council Administrator

City Clerk

Employee Services


Information Technology





Public Services

Public Works Utilities

Public Works Solid Waste

Public Works Administration

Red Wing Regional Airport



Port Authority

Housing and Redevelopment Authority


The next item of discussion was strategic planning.  City Council reviewed the Strategic Plan which included staff 2012 action steps and were asked to provide feedback to the Council Administrator. To view the full report, click the following link: Strategic Plan.

City Council and staff then reviewed the capital improvement financing.  To view the full report, click the following link: Capital Improvement Financing.

Discussion then moved to legislative priorities where Representative Tim Kelly was present along with Senator Howe's Legislative Assistant Marion O'Neill.  City Council presented them with the City's legislative priorities and requested their support.

On Saturday morning, staff presented on the following topics (Click the links below to view full reports):

Drug Paraphernalia Ordinance

Open Book Property Review Process

Fire Service Report

Economic Development

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