City of Red Wing

City Comments to NRC Regarding PINGP's ISFSI Relicensing and Waste Confidence Rule EIS

Wednesday, March 20 2013 12:00 AM

The City is host to the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant (“PINGP”), which is a dual nuclear reactor facility. As a result of the Federal Government’s lack of progress on a permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel (“SNF”) it is stored on site at the PINGP in an independent spent fuel storage installation (“ISFSI”).

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”) is currently working on several issues of importance including (1) the relicensing of the ISFSI at the PINGP and (2) a scoping decision regarding an environmental impact statement (“EIS”) related to the long-term storage of SNF in on site ISFSIs.

As both of these NRC proceedings have the potential for long-term impacts on the City the City is participating in such proceedings.  The comments the City recently submitted to the NRC in regard to (1) PINGPs relicensing of its ISFSI and (2) the EIS related to the long-term on site storage of SNF can be accessed by clicking here.

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