City of Red Wing

American Legion to Install New Flag/Pole on Barn Bluff

Wednesday, November 24 2010 12:00 AM
Doug Wendlandt from the American Legion Post 54 of Red Wing was given permission to pursue the installation of a flag pole on Barn Bluff to replace one that was there years ago. Public works staff met with members of the American Legion, Elks, and Brian Peiper from Rockworks Landscaping to begin planning. A 10' x 15' flag would be flown on a 35' flag pole. A location was selected for the new flag and the Minnesota State Archaeologist Department met us on site and approved the location.


Maintenance of the flag pole and flag will be the responsibility of the American Legion. The Legion will replace the flag three times a year and repair any vandalism that may occur. The Legion will be responsible for lowering the flag, but said it would not be lowered every time. They also plan on using solar lighting to light the flag.

A map is attached showing the location of the new flag pole.

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