City of Red Wing

2013 Residential Survey

Tuesday, November 26 2013 12:00 AM

Bill Morris of Decision Resources, Ltd. presented the results of the 2013 Residential Survey to the City Council. Bill reviewed the approach to the survey, and analyzed the results. The 2013 survey results were compared to the 2005 survey results. The survey results reflected a community that trusts its city government, rates city services very high and in general confirms that people are very happy living in Red Wing. Red Wing improved its ratings from 2005 to 2013 in almost every measurable category, and is in the upper quartile of every state wide positive comparison. For example the City’s pavement repair/patching evaluation was a 68% positive rating as compared to the state wide average of 28%. The City’s 2013 rating for recycling services is 96% positive, which is one of the top ratings in the state. The rating for value of city services in 2013 is 82% positive which is also in the top quartile of the state. The rating for the job performance of city staff went from 64% positive to 88% positive. This rating places Red Wing in the top 5 communities of the state. Resident’s opinion of parks/trails and parks/trails maintenance rose to 97% positive which is the highest rating in Minnesota. The City Council accepted the report and stated their support for staff’s effort to provide great service in Red Wing.

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