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Resident Communication Regarding City of Red Wing Budget Situation

Wednesday, August 25 2010 12:00 AM

At the August 23, 2010, City Council meeting, staff reported on three processes used to gather citizen input on the budget situation, which included an ongoing web open ended comment site, a white pad located at the Library for ideas/comments, and a non-scientific phone survey of residents (click to view web site survey; Library white pad comments; telephone survey). 

Both the web site comments and the Library white pad were inexpensive options that required minor staff time and were completely open ended idea/comment opportunities.  The telephone survey was a more structured approach to gathering information. The telephone survey was coordinated by staff, using temporary employees to complete the calls.

Despite the fact that the white pad, web site and survey information is not scientific, it provided some indication of feelings in the community. In order to use this information, staff will be putting information together in several areas as follows:

List A - Ideas already implemented

List B - Ideas currently being considered

List C - Ideas that require additional public education/information

List D - Issues related to personnel benefits or staffing

List E - Ideas not being pursued at this time

This information will be provided at the Saturday, August 28 and Monday, August 31 public meetings.

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