City of Red Wing

City Responds to Questions about Fleet Replacement

Wednesday, July 28 2010 12:00 AM

In the last month city staff has received questions regarding the fleet replacement policy for Public Works vehicles. Each type of vehicle or machinery has a different replacement schedule. Looking at our "Plan-it" software for CIP will show the following targeted replacement schedules:

Pickup Truck - 18-20 years
¾ Ton Pickup Truck - 15-17years
4x4 Pickup Truck/Snow Plow - 10-12 years
One-Ton Dump Truck/Snow Plow - 10-12 years
Single Axle Dump Truck/Snow Plow - 15-16 years
Tandem Axle Dump Truck/Snow Plow - 15 years
Transitional Truck - 12-13 years
Aerial Lift Truck - 30 years
Street Sweeper - 12 years
Front End Loader/Snow Plow - 25 years
Grader/Snow Plow - 20 years

The following link will provide additional information on replacement schedules, fleet maintenance costs, what is scheduled to be replaced in 2010, and what has been replaced in 2009/2010 to date.    Public Works Vehicle Replacement Policy


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