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Vistor and Convention Bureau Agreement Renewed Through 2019

Tuesday, July 25 2017 8:00 AM  •   Categorized In Budget Updates
Did you know that over 9,000 people stopped in person at the Red Wing Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB) last year? For those of us who live here, not tourist here, the VCB may not even be on our radar, but they’re an important asset in the marketing of Red Wing as a tourist destination. VCB President, Arloa Bach, recently presented an annual update on the activities of the VCB to the City Council, and some of what she reported may surprise you. For example, did you know that in Goodhue County alone, over 1700 people are employed in the hospitality/leisure industry? How about the fact that for every d…

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2017 Nite to Unite

Tuesday, July 25 2017 12:00 AM  •   Categorized In Police Department
Join neighbors across Red Wing on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017, for the Annual Night to Unite in Minnesota, sponsored by the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, AAA, and local law enforcement agencies. Night to Unite celebrates and strengthens neighborhood and community partnerships. Night to Unite is designed to: Get to know one another in your neighborhood; Build neighborhood involvement by bringing police and communities together; and Bring awareness to crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts! MCPA President John Eastham said, “I invite neighborhoods in every city and county thro…

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Live Healthy Red Wing: A Strong Community Partner

Sunday, July 23 2017 5:19 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
The City of Red Wing and Live Healthy Red Wing (LHRW) have enjoyed a strong partnership since LHRW’s beginning almost eight years ago. Working as a collaboration of businesses, government, schools, and non-profits, LHRW has worked to increase the health and well-being of our community, guiding scores of projects that have impacted our citizens. Some of its activities have been highly visible, while others have been behind the scenes, working to change policies, improve our physical surroundings, and build the most inclusive culture we can for Red Wing. Predominantly funded through grant monies, the tota…

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Help Our Small Boulevard Trees Beat the Heat

Wednesday, July 19 2017 1:22 PM  •   Categorized In Public Works
Our boulevard trees need your help. We’re in a dry spell and our younger trees are under stress. City crews are watering now but cannot reach all of the trees in a timely manner. Wet conditions over the past two summers have made small trees even more susceptible to the stress of a dry period like the one we are currently experiencing. Tricking a hose near the trunk of the tree for an hour once or twice a week will help small trees survive the dry weather and heat. Boulevard trees lend tremendous beauty, shade, and ambiance to our city streets, and we thank you for helping them survive this dry spell.    

Public Invited to Fire Truck Ceremony

Friday, July 14 2017 3:00 PM  •   Categorized In Fire Department
  Fire Truck Ceremony – Red Wing, MN new Engine 2 has arrived, we would like to invite our community to a ceremony as we place this new apparatus into service.  The ceremony will consist of a message from the Chief, a blessing of the new engine from our FD Chaplain, a formal wet down, and a “push” into its new home.  First 100 in attendance will receive a commemorative towel (donated by BIC) that we as a community will use to dry the new engine and then push it into its new home. Saturday, July 15 at 10 AM - 11:30 AM

Red Wing Receives Award for Racial Equality Efforts

Friday, July 14 2017 2:16 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
Racial equality isn’t just a catch phrase in Red Wing; it’s a principal we’re actively incorporating into our decision-making processes. We’ve been working to create an organized, intentional way of approaching policy that puts matters of race in the forefront, not as an afterthought.  Our efforts are having a positive effect,  though the work is just beginning. One step has been for Red Wing to join GARE, the Government Alliance on Race and Equity. GARE teams from across the state convene monthly to share ideas, learn how issues of race are impacting each of our communities…

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Major Milestone; City of Red Wing Employee Reaches 40 Year Employment Anniversary

Thursday, July 13 2017 5:02 PM  •   Categorized In General Administration
City of Red Wing employee, Mary Anway, has happily fallen outside of the norm.  She knew in high school that she wanted a career in science, something unusual for females in the 1970s.  Even more unusual, she was the first woman to graduate from 916 Vocational School with a degree in Air and Water Analysis.  She landed a job six months after graduation with the City of Red Wing and has stayed there ever since.  Mary recently marked her 40 year employment anniversary, a milestone few in today’s job market reach. When Mary was first hired as a Field and Lab Technician, she was analyzi…

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West Avenue Closure at West 5th Street

Thursday, July 13 2017 3:52 PM  •   Categorized In Public Works

West 4th Street / Buchanan Street Paving Work

Thursday, July 13 2017 11:36 AM  •   Categorized In Public Works

Twin Bluff Road Closure - South of Pioneer Road

Thursday, July 13 2017 9:51 AM  •   Categorized In Public Works
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