City of Red Wing


Housing and Redevelopment Authority

The Red Wing Housing and Redevelopment Authority provides housing opportunities to elderly, disabled, handicapped and family households in the City of Red Wing, Minnesota through a number of local, state and federal programs. In addition, the RWHRA provides community redevelopment programs to assist in the development of businesses and their properties in Red Wing as well as administering the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Rental Rehabilitation program for permanent rental property in Red Wing.  The RWHRA also provides lead-based paint identification and remediation services for owners of housing units.

We operate our business with four values in mind: 1) Sustainability; 2) Innovation; 3) Initiatives and 4) Transparency.

HRA 2011 Annual Report

Contact Information:
651.388.7571 / 428 W. 5th Street / Visit the Red Wing HRA Website

Hope Coalition  

The Hope Coalition programs include three primary areas of service:

Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Nybo & Associates
651.388.6756 / 2809 South Service Drive

Counselor Realty
651.388.3636 / 107 Hill Street #B

Edina Realty
651.388.0259 / 139 Tyler Road South

Lawrence Realty and Construction
651.388.4745 / 610 Main Street

Marketplace Commercial and Management
651-639-0821 / 4911 Learning Lane

Star Realty - Siewert Construction
651.388.4711 / 910 Main Street

Tittle Real Estate
651.385.2234 / 2000 West Main Street