City of Red Wing

Mayor's Task Force on Streets and Sidewalks 2014-2016

Mayor Dan Bender and the Mayor’s Task Force on Streets and Sidewalks recently completed a 27-month process between 2014 and 2016 in which it researched and analyzed street and sidewalk issues from all perspectives and made recommendations for city policy and procedure improvements so ALL residents can get safely to their daily destinations. The Report covers the following topics: 

  • Winter Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Sidewalk Inspection & Maintenance
  • Street Reconstruction Projects
  • Sidewalk Connections on Vacant Lots
  • Subdivision Code
  • Walkability Improvements in Developed Areas
  • Sustaining the Work: Tools, Methods & Community Engagement

Task Force members included city residents, City staff, elected officials, and local experts. This Pedestrian Plan and Policy Report was presented and accepted by City Council on June 27, 2016. You can read the Report and its recommendations here:

One specific outcome of the Pedestrian Plan and Policy Report was the development of a scoring criteria tool to help determine the relative benefit of filling in gaps in the sidewalk network.  Sidewalks were scored based on their benefits to community planning, connectivity and safety, and the scores were compared to determine which sidewalk segments would be most useful to construct first given the sidewalk budget and other sidewalk needs in the city.  Twenty-one (21) sidewalk segments were scored with the results provided in the following attachment.

Sidewalk Scoring - All Routes


Red Wing is a Complete Streets City and has outlined its values of walkability and bikeability for all residents in three key City plans (see below).  The Mayor's Task Force was formed in 2014 to follow through with the goals and action plans outlined in these documents.

Why is Walkability Important? The way our city is built affects the health of all its residents. Creating an environment that's safe and pleasant for all people to walk does the following:

  • Increases the number of residents who walk for transportation or recreation, which improves their long-term health and well being
  • Builds an envionment in which current and prospective residents, families, and employers want to live and work, thereby improving Red Wing's vitality and economic development.

What is "Complete Streets"? Click here for a presentation

Questions: Contact Michelle Leise, Live Healthy Red Wing Coordinator, at or Brian Peterson, City Planning Director, at