City of Red Wing

Fire Department Inspections

Along with emergency services, the Red Wing Fire Department performs fire safety inspections on both commercial buildings and single family homes upon request.  Download the Home Inspection Checklist.

The Red Wing Fire Department works closely with residents and business owners providing fire safety information including building maintenance, fire code and property maintenance standards, and fire drills in public buildings. These inspections help ensure the safety of the occupants and keeps the building ready for future progress.


New Construction
The Fire Marshal evaluates compliance with Minnesota State Fire Code requirements in new construction projects and is involved throughout the construction process from pre-construction meetings to issuing the Certificate of Occupancy.

The Fire Marshal works closely with the developer, the building official and other city officials during pre-construction meetings. Fire code requirements for items such as access roads, fire hydrant locations, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, special structural requirements and other items are evaluated based on the use of the building. Building plans are then submitted to the building official and reviewed prior to construction to evaluate code compliance. During construction, the Fire Marshal inspects fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, special fire suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting and the means of egress to ensure code compliance. These systems must also pass acceptance testing prior to the building official issuing the Certificate of Occupancy.

Existing Construction
The Fire Marshal and Prevention Specialist conduct scheduled inspections in existing buildings to ensure ongoing compliance with Minnesota State Fire Code requirements. Special inspections are also conducted upon request or upon being notified of a possible fire code violation. During fire inspections, the entire building is thoroughly inspected to evaluate code compliance. If violations are noted, a follow-up inspection is conducted to verify the violations identified have been corrected satisfactorily.

Fire inspections are also conducted in local daycare facilities when requested by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Inspections are conducted prior to licensing or upon special request.

Pre Fire Plans

Pre fire plan surveys are conducted by fire personnel for each commercial and public building within the city. This gives firefighters a chance to view the layout of the building before a fire breaks out. The location of fire suppression equipment is noted as well as potentially hazardous areas. Fire code violations may be reported to the Fire Prevention Bureau.

For more information on Fire Department inspections, please contact:

Andy Speltz
Fire Marshal