City of Red Wing

Red Wing Dog Park

With the assistance of the Bluffs Vet Clinic, the City of Red Wing operates an off-leash Dog Park in Upper A.P. Anderson Park.  

Red Wing Off-Leash Dog Park Rules and Regulations

  • All dogs must be leashed going to and from the leash free area.
  • Users must monitor and control their dogs at all times. If dogs become aggressive or unruly, they must be removed from the park immediately.
  • Dogs declared "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous" are not allowed in the park.
  • All dogs using the park must be free of contagious diseases.
  • It is recommended that dogs using the park be spayed or neutered. Dogs in season are not allowed in the park.
  • All users must clean up after their dogs. Bags are provided near the Dog Park entrance.
  • Excessive barking is not allowed.
  • Pet toys, treats, and other food are not allowed within the park.
  • All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations, a pet license from the Humane Society, and a park use tag affixed to the collar.

Fee payment centers are located at the Community Development Building, 419 Bush Street, and the Dog Park Pavilion at A.P. Anderson Park. Annual dog passes are $10 per dog. Daily passes are $5 per dog.

For more information on the Red Wing Dog Park or to donate, contact Tim Bohmbach at 267-2609.

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