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Crime Free Multi Housing

Crime Free Multi Housing

Crime Free Multi Housing provides a partnership between law enforcement and the multi family housing community. The program produces safer, more stable neighborhoods with housing for multiple families. The premise of Crime Free Multi-Housing is that all parties concerned can benefit from following simple guidelines.

Landlord Training is a three phased program:

  • Phase one consists of an eight hour training session covering topics such as tenant screening, lease agreements, dealing with non-compliance of the lease, and combating crime.
  • Phase two introduces “crime prevention through environmental design”, (CPTED), standards to the rental property. Items such as door and window locks, lighting and landscaping are inspected to ensure a safe living environment for the residents. 
  • Phase three is a meeting with renters to explain the crime free program, review safety procedures and discuss tenant watch concepts.

The Crime Free Lease Addendum is incorporated into subsequent lease agreements advising renters that they are responsible for any illegal activities occurring on the property including those of their visitors and guests. Illegal activity may result in the immediate eviction of the renter.

Renter training is a four hour training session designed to teach renters their rights and responsibilities as well as those of their landlords. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Importance of a clean criminal background
  • What to look for when shopping for rental housing
  • Property rights regarding discrimination
  • Solving landlord/renter issues before, during and after a rental lease agreement

Tenant Criminal Background Checks for Private Landlords: The Red Wing Police Department will conduct a background check for private landlords for a fee of $5.00 per background check.  Landlords must have a signed release form from the person in which the background check will be conducted on.  Release forms are available at the Red Wing Police Department or by clicking here.  The background check will consist of a check of the Red Wing Police Department records and a public Minnesota Criminal History check.  If landlords wish to conduct their own background checks, the following websites are available:

For more information, call Community Service Officer Tim Bohmbach at 651.267.2609.

Crime Prevention Guidelines