City of Red Wing

Compost Operations

Turning the CompostBy State law, it is illegal to throw away any yard waste with your household garbage. This includes grass, weeds, leaves, garden waste, sod strips and pruning.

The Compost Drop Off Site, located at 1873 Bench Street is open:

Monday thru Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm


2018 Compost & Brush Operation Brochure

Red Wing Residents can deposit leaves, weeds, grass clippings, and compostable yard waste FREE OF CHARGE at the Solid Waste Campus during regular hours of operation. When disposing of leaves and grass, they must be emptied out of any plastic bags or other containers they are hauled in. Biodegradable paper bags are acceptable. Everyone utilizing this site must check into the office prior to dumping.

Brush (shrubs, prunings, or anything with a wood stalk), branches, trees, and wood chips will be accepted during regular business hours for a charge. Cost of disposal depends on the amount disposed.


Spring and Fall Cleanup Information

During the Spring and Fall (for 6 weeks each) the City offers residents the opportunity to dispose of brush, branches and shrub trimmings at the Solid Waste Campus, free of charge. Stumps are not accepted at the Solid Waste Campus. Dates for these programs are:  (click the links below for additional information)

Spring Cleanup: April 21 thru June 2, 2018

Fall Cleanup: September 22 thru November 3, 2018

Residents may also opt to rent a roll-off dumpster for their spring or fall yard waste at a reduced rate during these time periods. Roll-off dumpsters rented at the reduced rate may only be used for brush, trees, flowers, grass, leaves and other compostable yard waste. Contact the Solid Waste Campus for pricing and availability. 651-385-3658.

The city DOES NOT provide curbside collection of Christmas Trees. Real Christmas trees can be brought to the Solid Waste Campus and disposed of free of charge typically the first two weeks of January. Please contact the Solid Waste Campus for dates.

Compost and Wood Chips for Sale

Wood Chips: Chips are used primarily as a mulch around shrubs and trees and in flower beds to control weeds and conserve moisture. Chips can also be used for pathways and to stabilize soft soil. Wood Chips are for sale at the Solid Waste Campus:

$10.00 per skid steer bucket (approximately ½ yard)

$10.00 loading fee

Unscreened & Screened Compost: Compost can be used in clay soils to improve the moisture holding capacity and soil texture. Compost added to a soil with poor organic content will increase the utilization of plant nutrients. Compost can be substituted for peat moss when preparing a potting soil. When using compost in a starter bed or a potting soil mix, it is recommended that one part of compost be mixed with two parts soil. The pH of compost is slightly alkaline and will reduce liming requirements in acid soils. Both Screened and Unscreened Compost are for sale at the Solid Waste Campus:

Unscreened Compost – free of charge to Red Wing residents (limited to two ½ yard scoops per visit)

Unscreened Compost - $5.00/yard for non-city residents

Screened Compost - $.50 per 5 gallon pail (self-loaded)

Screened Compost - $10.00 per skid steer bucket (approximately ½ yard)

$10.00 loading fee if loaded with skid steer

Firewood Cutting Permits

If you are interested in a Firewood cutting permit, you can get one at the Solid Waste Campus (385-3658). There is no charge for a permit.

Compost at Home

Backyard composting is easy. Composting turns organic wastes (grasses, leaves, garden debris and kitchen scraps) into a nutrient rich mixture that you can add to your soil in your yard and garden. Compost bins are sold at select garden and hardware stores, or you can make your own. Visit to find out how.


Remember to keep leaves, seeds and grass clippings out of streets and gutters, because clean streets lead to a cleaner river.