City of Red Wing

Community Policing

The Community Policing Program was implemented by Chief Roger Pohlman in September of 2014.   The Program assigns officers to specific neighborhoods in Red Wing, which has been divided into areas.   Officers will still police the entire city, but each officer is also assigned to a specific beat and are encouraged to walk their neighborhood and get to know the people.   Officers are more likely to hear citizens’ concerns if they have more direct contact with the people.    

The four goals of the Community Policing Program are:

  • BUILD COMMUNITY RELATIONS – Officers have a sworn duty to help all citizens. Weak community-police relations, breed suspicion, fear and distrust. The program is intended to build partnerships and trust within the community we serve.
  • RECEIVE COMMUNITY INPUT – The thought is simple: When officers get out of their cars and walk the streets, residents will find it easier to approach them. Positive interaction will create a level of comfort and encourage citizens to share concerns. Neighbors’ comments can help officers identify patterns of suspicious activity and ideally address them before crime happens.
  • REDUCE THE FEAR OF CRIME – The more visible the police presence, the more familiar people are with “their” officers, the safer everyone will fee.
  • LOWER THE OVERALL CRIME RATE – The objective is that the first three goals help the community reach the fourth.

Assigned Areas and Officers:  (click on Officer's name below to send an email)

The Department also includes Chief Roger Pohlman; Captain Gordon Rohr and Captain Tony Grosso

To see a map of the different areas, click here.