City of Red Wing

Cemetery Records and Information

The City Clerk’s Office is the repository for cemetery documentation such as grave lot, sales, burials and perpetual flower sales. A compilation of all burials in both Oakwood and Burnside Cemeteries is maintained using Pontem cemetery software.

The City Clerk’s Office receives cemetery lot sales and perpetual flower information from the Cemetery Director and drafts the appropriate cemetery deeds and perpetual flower certificates.

For information, please contact

Lisa Acker
Permit & Licensing Manager
Community Development Department
419 Bush Street
Red Wing, MN 55066

Buying a Lot

The city of Red Wing has cemetery lots and columbarium niches available for the public to purchase. For more information, contact the cemetery office at 651-385-3648.

Perpetual Flowers

The Perpetual Flower Program is a service the city of Red Wing Public Works Department and the City Clerk’s Office provide. The purchaser makes a one-time payment. After one year, the accumulated interest from that payment is used to purchase and plant flowers annually.

How much do perpetual flowers cost and when is the payment due?
The fee for perpetual flowers at the Oakwood and Burnside Cemeteries currently is $800.00 for residents or $1200 for nonresidents. Nonresident payment of the perpetual flower fund will apply only to lots purchased by nonresidents after January 1, 2008. Payment should be made on or before December 31 of a given year for the planting of flowers to begin the following year. For example, if paid on or before December 31, 2017, the planting of flowers would start in May of 2018. If paid after December 31, 2017, flower planting would start in May of 2018.  

Where should payments be made?
Payments may be made in person or by mail to:

The “City of Red Wing” at:

City Hall
315 W. Fourth St.
Red Wing, MN 55066
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who provides the stand and urn for cemetery flowers?
The person who buys the perpetual flowers is required to supply the stand and urn in which flowers will be planted. If it can be shown that the stand or urn was damaged due to vandalism, once it’s placed in the cemetery, the city of Red Wing will replace it with a standard urn.

In order to purchase perpetual flowers, the following is needed:

  • Lot
  • Block
  • Section of the grave space for the flowers.

If the above is unavailable, the name of a person buried on the lot and their approximate year of death may suffice.

Special Information

To maintain the cemeteries as memorials and as serene and beautiful final resting places for lives that once were, the city of Red Wing has established a Perpetual Care Fund. This is funded through the purchase price of lots and assures that gravesites will be maintained for perpetuity.

The city also offers an optional Perpetual Flower Fund. A one-time fee is paid on or before the 31st day of December of a given year for the planting and flowers to begin the following year.

The stand and urn you supply will be planted by the City. If the stand or urn is damaged due to vandalism, the City will replace it with a standard urn. In order to purchase perpetual flowers, please provide the lot, block and section of the grave space. If that is unavailable, the name of a person buried on the lot and their approximate year of death will suffice.

Since the general landscaping of the grounds of the cemeteries compliment the natural beauty of the surroundings, ornamentation guidelines have been developed to further enhance the beauty of the cemeteries. Ornamentation includes natural flowers and plants in good condition and suitable planters. Other items made from wood, ceramics, cement, clay, and terra-cotta are limited to statues, figurines, and religious symbols. Special ornamentation is permitted on specific dates and special occasions for a period of 24 hours. Artificial ornamentations or artificial flowers are not permitted. All must also meet the size specifications determined by city staff. American and commemorative Armed Service Flags are permitted between Memorial Day and September 15. For more information, contact John Friedrich at 651-385-3648 or e-mail at

Searching for Deceased Persons

Within the City of Red Wing’s archived records, the City Clerk can assist someone in a search for a deceased person. To expedite an effective search, it is best if the following is provided:

  • Lot
  • Block
  • Section of the grave space of the deceased.

If these are not accessible, then please provide the name of the deceased and the approximate date of death. For more information on searches on deceased persons, contact the City Clerk's office at 651-385-3600.

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