City of Red Wing

Can I Burn in Red Wing?

The City of Red Wing does allow open burning according to City Code Section 1019 Subdivision 3.  Open burning is done by permit process only.  If a Red Wing resident wishes to burn on their property, they must first apply for a permit. 

Permit applications are available at City Hall located at 315 W 4th St.  Also, permit applications can be completed online at  The applicant must thoroughly read all rules and regulations on the permit application form and be willing and able to abide by all regulations listed.  The application fee is $15.00 for single family dwellings.  Additional fees apply for multifamily dwellings, lot clearing, or commercial properties.  The permit is valid for six weeks starting from the date of application. 

Regulation #4 of the application states, "Burning piles shall not be located within 100 feet of any structure owned by the permit holder or within 200 feet of any structure not owned by the permit holder."  In the past regulation #4 has been loosely enforced.  However, in order to enhance the safety all parties involved and limit the number of nuisance calls received, regulation #4 will be strictly enforced.  City staff will use GIS to verify your burn site meets applicable setbacks.  This may mean you have been burning on your property for the past several years, but are not eligible to burn anymore. 

The City of Red Wing does offer alternatives to burning.  Residents can haul their brush and other yard debris to the Solid Waste Campus.  Leaves and grass clippings may be dropped off year round at no charge.  Brush may be dropped off year round for a nominal fee.  In most cases this fee may be less than a burning permit application fee.  Also, twice per year in the spring and fall brush may be dropped off at no charge.  Contact Public Works for applicable dates and times. 

If you have additional question or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Fire Prevention Office at 651-385-3694.