City of Red Wing

Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Economic Development

Guiding Principles

Create Living Wage Jobs

Create Income

Grow The Tax Base 

Quality Of Life

Sustain Current Business

The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Economic Development has been meeting since mid-December, 2009 and has targeted completion of its work for early June, 2010.  The panel created five guiding principles on which to guide its work.   The initial focus, which is continuing, has been to educate the panel on issues which are vital to the topic of economic development.  Representatives of a variety of local and state organizations have met with the panel, with more planned through April.  The panel's charge from Mayor Howe is:

  1. Conduct an assessment of how Red Wing has done with economic development.
    • What has Red Wing done very well?
    • Where have there been set backs / disappointments?
  2. What strategies should Red Wing employ to position our City for the future?
    • Given today's / future economic conditions?
    • What structure will give Red Wing the best opportunity for success?
  3.  How does the City effectively communicate these outcomes with the community? 

The Red Wing City Council approved funds to support professional facilitation of the panel's final report and also use of City staff to provide various meeting management and communication support.   




For information on the panel, please contact one of the Co-Chairs:  Scott Wordelman or Dennis Egan


The members of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Economic Development are:
 Scott Wordelman, Chair           James Johnson 
 Dennis Egan, Co-Chair   Dan Massett
 Scott Adkisson   Michael Murphy
 Donna Anderst   Kathy Radmer
 John Becker   Duffy Schafer
 Kenneth Bush   Denny Tebbe
 Carolyn Hedin   Linda Thielbar 
 Gary Iocco    

To view the Blue Ribbon Panel's Final Report click here.

Please click the links below for agendas and minutes:












Please click the links below to view meeting attachments:

February 10, 2010 Fiber Optic Presentation
February 24, 2010 Website Recommendation
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