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What's in store for 2016

Tom Hughes interveiws Council Administrator Kay Kuhlmann - March 2016 On March 17, 2016 I made a presentation to the Noontime Kiwanis Club about City issues and activities. I thought I’d share my notes so that you can all see the City’s focus for 2016. The analogy I used to frame my presentation was that of taking a trip. When I travel I spend considerable time planning the trip, everything from what I need to take, how much money I need, the schedule, and the actual location logistics. I always feel excitement up until the moment I leave. As we depart for the airport, I usually have some anxiet…
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Highlights from 2015 by Council Administrator Kay Kuhlmann

As Red Wing starts looking forward to spring, it’s a good time to reflect back over the past year and take stock of our city’s recent accomplishments. We were a busy community in 2015, investing significantly in capital infrastructure and initiating new partnerships. I’d like to take this opportunity to note a few highlights. Strategic Plan: City Council led a community process to update the City’s Strategic Plan. (Due to lots of hard work, the last Plan, adopted in 2012, has been largely completed.) The City Council and Mayor created a process of gathering information from residents a…
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Plan on the Shelf

Holidays for children often include the mystery of the “Elf on the Shelf”. Either this wasn’t popular when I was a child in the sixties or my parents didn’t have the inclination to participate. Either way, hearing the word ‘shelf’ reminds me of what cities are often criticized about, and that is creating a “plan on the shelf”. There are many circumstances where this is absolutely true. Someone comes up with an idea for an improvement, a new service, or a way to improve efficiencies and a study is done. In the end, leadership may change or the improvement isn&rsqu…
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Opportunity to serve as a volunteer to advise the City on legislative matters

One of the areas of activity in the City at this time of the year is recruitment of Board and Commission and Authority members. Board and Commission and Authority members are citizens who serve in a volunteer capacity to advise the City on City legislative matters. Mayor Bender is leading the effort to recruit citizens to serve on one of the twelve boards/commissions/authorities with the assistance of other elected and appointed leaders. I’d like to share some thoughts on the role and importance of boards and commissions in our City organization and encourage you to consider participating in this key ro…
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