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City of Red Wing Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan


In response to a goal set forth in Red Wing's Comprehensive Plan (2007) and the recent Complete Streets Policy Resolution (2010), the City of Red Wing has begun the planning process for a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan in the summer of 2011. The Red Wing City Council adopted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan at their meeting held on November 28, 2011. This Plan is a tool to guide the long-term programs, policies and physical projects that will support walking and bicycling in Red Wing. The intent of this plan is to transform Red Wing into a community where choosing to walk or bicycle is a safe, convenient and enjoyable recreation and transportation option for all users.

Below is a link to the Red Wing Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:

List of Advisory Committee Members:
Andrew Petersen - Wheelhouse Cycles, Inc. /Walk-Bike Committee
Ashlyn Christianson - Goodhue County Public Health Service/Live Healthy Red Wing
Chuck Richardson - Chairman, Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board
Dan Bender - Advisory Committee Chair, City Council/Live Healthy Red Wing
Dave Borgen - Community Recreation/Live Healthy Red Wing
David Anderson - Red Wing YMCA /Live Healthy Red Wing
Sean Dowse -Sheldon Theatre/Visitor Convention Bureau
Emily Croswell - Statewide Health Improvement Program Coordinator
Randal Hemmerlin - Red Wing HRA/Walk-Bike Committee
Meg Walch - GWP United Way Director/Live Healthy Red Wing
Michelle Leise - Live Healthy Red Wing Coordinator
Pam Horlitz - Fairview Red Wing Medical Center/Live Healthy Red Wing
Scott Safe - Red Wing Planning Commission
Dawn Bennett Nordin - Downtown Business/Walk-Bike Committee
Dennis Koenig - Red Wing Seniors/Live Healthy Red Wing

Participating City Staff
Brian Peterson - City of Red Wing, Planner
Lindsey Knutson - City of Red Wing, Planning Intern
Steve Kohn - City of Red Wing, Assistant Planner
Leanne Knott - City of Red Wing, GIS Specialist
Rick Moskwa - City of Red Wing, Public Works Director
Lynn Nardinger - City of Red Wing, Public Works Deputy Director
Jay Owens - City of Red Wing, City Engineer
Ron Rosenthal - City of Red Wing, Engineering Director
Darold Glander - City of Red Wing, Captain Police Department

Project Status Updates

Benefits of Walking and Biking

Examples of other cities' bicycle and pedestrian plans, manuals and design standards:

Links to other websites:

Maps of Current Trails:

For more information about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan please contact Brian Peterson, AICP Planning Director, 651-385-3617 or