City of Red Wing

Automated Collection Problems and Solutions

Problem. Recycling bin or recycling containers are placed directly in front of or next to automated cart.
Solution: Place recycling bin on one side of your driveway and the automated cart on the other side, or place recycling bin at least 4’ to the left/right of cart.

Problem: Residence has more than one automated cart and the carts are placed to close together.
Solution: The automated carts must be placed at least 4 feet apart. This is especially important with multi-family residences. Each cart must also be 4 feet from any other obstructions such as parked carts, mailboxes, recycling bins, trees and power poles. If this is not possible, please contact Public Works(385-3674) or the Environmental Resources Division (385-3658) for other possible solutions.

Problem: The automated cart is blocked by a parked car or too close to an obstruction.
Solution: Place the cart at least 4 feet away from all obstructions and do not place cart in a location where it is blocked by a parked vehicle. In some cases this may be beyond your control. Residents are asked to pay attention to carts placed at the curb and avoid parking within 4 feet of them.

Problem: Automated cart is overfull and the lid can not be closed.
Solution: Place the extra volume 4 feet from the automated cart and the driver will pick it up for a charge or you can bring extra refuse to the Incinerator for disposal. Residents will be charged if cart is overfilled and the driver must get out to empty the extra refuse or pick up refuse that spills out when attempting to empty the cart. Overfilling the carts can cause the lids to be damaged by the automated arm and could result in refuse being spilled onto the street or curbside.

Problem: Automated carts are not placed at the curb by 6 a.m. for collection
Solution: Per City Ordinance, refuse containers are to be placed out for collection by 6 a.m. on your collection day and returned within 24 hours. There is a service fee if the crew returns to empty a cart that was not properly placed by 6 a.m.

Problem: Residents consistently generating extra volume (more refuse than their cart or carts will accommodate.)
Solution: Contact the Public Works Department (385-3674) or the Environmental Resources Division (385-3658) to request an additional cart. If refuse crews pick up extra refuse at your address two or more times within a billing cycle you will be delivered an additional cart and billed accordingly. You may also bring refuse to the Incinerator on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-6 pm or Saturdays from 7-1 p.m. All extra volume charges are billed on your monthly utility bill.

Problem: The automated cart is placed too far from the street and the automated arm can not reach the cart.
Solution: Place the cart on the curb line, with the lid opening facing the street. If you do not have a curb, place the cart as close to the street as possible. In some areas, where parked cars are an issue, you may need to place the cart on the street to allow the arm to get close enough to reach it.

The City continues to be enthusiastic about the positive results we can achieve together. We appreciate your assistance and patience as we continue to improve the automated collection process. Please call the Environmental Resources Division at 385-3658 with any questions or comments.