City of Red Wing

Ambulance Billing

The City of Red Wing provides ambulance services in Red Wing and surrounding communities. The ambulance service provides 24-hour emergency and non-emergency services for individuals experiencing injury or illness. The services are provided by a host of highly trained and experience paramedics capable of performing advanced life support services.

Due to the specialized knowledge and software necessary to perform ambulance billing, the City of Red Wing has contracted this service to an outside service organization.

When ambulatory services have been provided, the billing service provider mails an information request form to the client. The information request form collects the information necessary for accurate billing. If the client provides the necessary insurance information, the billing service provider will bill the insurance company directly as a service for the client.

Payment for ambulatory services provided is the sole responsibility of the individuals receiving the service. However, the City of Red Wing and the ambulance billing service provider will make every reasonable attempt to coordinate benefits and payment with the clients’ insurance carrier.

For questions concerning ambulance billing, please contact the ambulance billing service provider directly at 800.474.3128. Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.