City of Red Wing

Administrative Services Department


Laura Blair, Administrative Services Director/Public Information Officer

Jeff Krueger, Information Technology Manager

Steve Hammes, PC/LAN Technician

Grady Nelson, Business Process Specialist

Stacie Hawkins, Human Resouces Manager

Patti Schmidt, Human Resouces Technician

Melissa Hill, Communications Coordinator

Patrick Harris, Audio/Video Technician

Tom Hughes, Audio/Video Technician

Dannielle Flaugh, Office Clerk

Performs complex administrative, supervisory and professional work by providing long-range planning and direction, strategy development and management services. Directs the City’s administrative services operations including planning and developing fiscally sound human resources, information technology and communication policies and practices; ensuring compliance with State and Federal laws; providing services to City departments to assure compliance with the City’s policies, goals and programs; and related duties as apparent or assigned. Work involves setting policies, goals and strategies.





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