What is the difference between a firefighter and a paramedic?


Firefighters receive specialized training in the tactics, procedures and equipment essential for protecting lives and property from fire and other hazards. Firefighters operate in and around burning structures to extinguish fire, rescue victims, and minimize property loss. Firefighters also receive training in areas such as

  • Apparatus operation
  • Hazardous materials responses
  • Technical rescue
  • Wild-land firefighting


Paramedics receive specialized emergency medical training. They provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency medical care available. Paramedics are trained to administer emergency medications and perform advanced medical procedures in the field. Procedures that would normally only be done by a physician in a hospital are brought to a patient’s side when paramedics arrive, they also administer basic medical care like:

  • Bandaging
  • CPR
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Splinting

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3. What is the difference between a firefighter and a paramedic?
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