Who We Are and What We Do

Our HRC Responsibilities

  • We create and collaborate with individuals, agencies, and organizations to provide the community with opportunities for educational and cultural events and activities.
  • We advise and inform the Mayor and the City Council on plans, policies, and practices as they relate to human rights and civil rights issues.
  • We promote education and understanding within the Red Wing community regarding the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • We provide information and referral services to people in Red Wing who need assistance from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

Members: RedHeart RedHeart (Chair), Michael Holmes (Vice Chair), Kayla Haft (Pro Tem), Stevia Asher, Beth Breeden, Aaron De Jesus, Ruth Hutchinson, Julie Martin, Cholwe Walker, Jennie Wendland, Thomas Young.
City Council Liaison: Laurel Stinson;  City Staff Liaison: Michelle Leise