Mississippi National Golf Links – Request For Proposal

October 12, 2018  (download of the RFP)


The City of Red Wing will contract with a consultant to produce a report addressing a series of questions provided by the City and its partner, the Red Wing Municipal Golf Corporation (RWMGC), for the expressed purpose of improving golf operations at Mississippi National Golf Links (MNGL).

The City will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Experience
  • Cost
  • Timeliness

Proposals considered by the City must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at either the following email address: kay.kuhlmann@ci.red-wing.mn.us

For more information, please contact Kay Kuhlmann, City Council Administrator; 651.385.3612 or kay.kuhmann@ci.red-wing.mn.us

Experience: Demonstrate experience by providing the following:

  • Resume and a listing of five recent studies completed that address similar questions.
  • Statement of interest and brief introductory narrative that provides insights about interest in the project and ability to execute.
  • Proposed approach and schedule: Summary of how to approach the project and what key deliverables will be received.
  • Three references from municipal golf courses.

Cost: The City has budgeted funds to complete work associated with the Golf Course Study. Provide a cost estimate for the completion of the study. Additionally, provide hourly rates for all study consultants and any estimated costs that would be outside of the proposal amount. Please provide the cost for travel to MN for a public presentation as an option.

TimelinessBased on a study authorization date of November 30, 2018, provide the consultant’s initiation and anticipated completion date.

Selection ProcessA committee made up of elected leaders, staff and a representative of the RWMGC will participate in the review of the proposals and a brief phone interview. We anticipate phone interviews to occur on November 19, 20 or 21.

Conflict of Interest Statement: The (Responder) or (Contractor) shall provide a written statement that warrants, to the best of its knowledge and belief, and except as otherwise disclosed, there are no relevant facts or circumstances which could give rise to any conflicts of interest with this proposal. By signing a contract, it agrees that it will not represent any other party or client which may create a conflict of interest in its representation of the City.

Study Criteria - The City and RWMGC seek information on the following topics:

Golf Course Trends and Marketplace Realities

  • How is the Golf Course Industry Trending as a whole? In MN? In the Region?
  • What is the trade area of MNGL and what is the competition for MNGL?
  • Does the current clubhouse and the facilities at MNGL impact the success of MNGL?
  • What economic factors, demographic factors, and climate change conditions could affect demand for golf in the future?
  • What opportunities are there to increase market share?
  • Is there a trend in the Golf Industry that could be incorporated into MNGL that would make it unique?
  • Does the addition of a year-round outdoor recreation area and tourist attraction add uniqueness to MNGL?

Land Use Possibilities/Diversification

  • Identify other/best recreational uses to incorporate into a golf course setting?
  • What is the economic impact on golf revenues with compatible uses?
  • Are an Olympic sized year-round Ski Jump, year-round outdoor recreation areas, zip line and summer/winter tubing courses compatible uses?
  • What are the best investments to be made in MNGL to increase revenues?
  • What is a likely increase in revenues based on suggested investments
  • Could the most in-demand recreational services not currently offered by the City be incorporated into the MNGL site?
  • What

Economic Sustainability for 36 holes, or less with specific attention given to the current highlands/lowlands division of holes.

  • What is the Impact on tourism if the highlands/lowlands are closed or significantly modified?
  • What is the Impact on MNGL revenues if highlands is closed or significant modified?
  • What is the impact on tourism/MNGL if the number of golf holes is reduced to 27 or 18 holes?
  • What possible revenue enhancing activities could be added to MNGL operations?
  • What would the economic impact be on MNGL if the ski jump, zip line, summer/winter tubing have an a 36 or 27 or 18 hole golf course?
  • Can a ski jump, zip line or summer/winter tubing co-exist with a golf course? If so, how would it impact MNGL?
  • What specific capital and other improvements must/should be made to MNGL to improve the golf course, the golfing experience for the consumer, and the desirability of playing at MNGL?

Internal Operations

  • What is the return on investment in kitchen/dining facilities at a first-class regional golf course?
  • What should the profit margin be on the kitchen/restaurant/bar sales compared to the profit margin on golf sales?
  • Is the current kitchen management structure idea? Should RWMGC continue to lease space to a private chef or take the food and restaurant business back in house? Should MNGL have a restaurant or simply a limited golfer menu?
  • Is the current pro shop arrangement ideal? Should the RWMGC continue to hire a professional who oversees the clubhouse, carts and the kitchen, and who has golfing items for sale as a private business?
  • How can marketing be improved? What are the best investments for marketing?
  • How can the RWMGC improve equipment overhead costs? Should mowers and other maintenance equipment be leased or purchased?
  • Are there promotional programs that have positively impacted golf operations? Like “First Tee”; “Youth on Course”, “Audubon Society Certification”.
  • Are golf course revenues improved or enhanced by additional visitors to immediately adjacent attractions and amenities, such as tubing or zip lining? Are golf courses hampered by such immediately adjacent attractions?
  • How do promotional programs for non-golf related activities occurring adjacent to the golf course, impact golf traffic, merchandise sales and food/bar sales?
  • Are there other sources of funding beyond golf operations that could be pursued so that golf can continue at MNGL?
  • Is operation of a 36 hole, 27 hole, or 18 hole golf course possible if the Ski Jump and amenities are constructed?
  • What are the revenue and profit projects for operation of a 36 hole, 27 hole, or 18 hole golf course at the MNGL site if the Ski Jump and amenities are not construction?
  • What are the revenue and profit projects for operation of a 36 hole, 27 hole, or 18 hole golf course at the MNGL site if the Ski Jump and amenities are construction?