Who Pays for the Bridge?

The bridge project has a hefty price tag so it's worth asking. Here's the answer:

  • Total construction costs for the entire project is estimated at $63.4 million.
  • Construction costs for the actual bridge structure is estimated at $34.2 million.
  • Of the $63.4 million-dollar price tag that encompasses the whole project, here's the breakdown:
    • The federal government pays 80% of each state's cost
    • Minnesota pays $35.0 million
    • Wisconsin pays $27.1 million

In addition, the City of Red Wing is paying $1.3 million for utilities & key elements such as bike-pedestrian overlooks, railings, and downtown lighting. This amount includes a generous donation of $364,920 from the Jones Family Foundation and the Red Wing Area Fund for aesthetic lighting on the bridge, landscaping, and a premier welcome sign. (A big thank you to these local philanthropic partners!)