Community Engagement

The mission of the Community Engagement Facilitator is to create a stronger two-way conversation between the public and city government. Michelle Leise, partnering with a wide variety of city departments, listens to community members and gathers input to ensure residents are at the core of how the City works and operates. This position was created in August 2017.

Key Goals

  • Establish creative ways for city government staff and elected leaders to meet and interact with the public;
  • Continue to find ways for the public to give input into the decisions that affect them;
  • Build stronger relationships with communities where trust has been broken or still needs strengthening in order to form long-lasting, respectful, shared commitment. This includes Prairie Island Indian Community, our Hispanic community, and residents of all backgrounds who may feel isolated, unwelcome, or disconnected.
  • Incorporate the city’s health-equity toolkit into policy decisions so our policies and practices are fair and equitable;
  • Encourage more people of different ages and backgrounds to get involved with and participate in city government, especially in appointed and elected positions.
  • Involve more youth in city government;
  • Develop ways to identify gaps and measure community progress, especially as it relates to metrics and goals outlined in the Red Wing 2040 Community Plan and city government’s 10-Year Strategic Plan.  

Red Wing 2040 Community Plan

Read the Red Wing 2040 Community Plan, the community’s 20-year plan for the future.