Kiosk Panel 21: Mississippi River & Lake Pepin

Colvill Park, Bay Point Park, and Boathouse Villages in Vogel Harbor

Red Wing's Riverfront

Although nature has given Red Wing a river and its backwaters to hunt, fish, boat, and swim in, Red Wing has had many citizen-led efforts to improve river-related recreational opportunities in the city. Much of Red Wing’s riverfront is public because citizens donated private land for public use. Citizens led the effort to create Colvill Park, an old slaughterhouse site, helped form Levee Park, and transformed the old city dump into Bay Point Park.

Isaac Walton League, Small Pleasure Boats, Nellie Bly-Built in Red Wing in 1936

Isaac Walton League

The Isaac Walton League, with its clubhouse, dock and boat storage lockers on the Little River has been a center of fishing, boating and picnicking for decades.

Small Pleasure Boats

Small boats are launched from public boat ramps in Colvill Park and Bay Point Park in the Upper Harbor or stored in the floating boathouses in Vogel Harbor.

Boat Works

Boat works, such as the Nellie Bly, were part of Red Wing for many years. Launches powered by Red Wing Thoroughbred Engines were built in the early 20th century and Casa Cruisers in the 1950s and 60s