Collection Fees

  • The waste collection fee includes the cost of collection and disposal of waste collected from each service location. Fees are based on the current operating budget and are adjusted periodically to reflect the cost of service. The monthly charge per residential unit will depend on the size of the cart serviced, and will be included on the monthly utility bill:
    • One 48 gallon cart - $20.06 per month
    • One 96 gallon cart - $40.09 per month
  • These carts must remain at the property if the property is sold.
  • All damage to the waste carts by the resident is the responsibility of the resident to replace at the current cost of a replacement cart.
  • If the cart is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the resident to replace the cart at the current replacement cost.
  • It is the responsibility of each property owner/resident to keep their cart clean and in good working condition.