Levee Park

In May of 2017 the State legislature passed, and the Governor signed, the 2017 State Bonding Bill. The Bill contained over $19 million in state funding for two regionally significant Red Wing community improvement projects. $14.762 million of the funding is dedicated towards the construction of an overpass over the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main line at Sturgeon Lake Road. The balance of the funding, $4.4 million, provides full funding for Phase II of the River Town Renaissance project.

Phase II Projects

The Phase II projects include the Levee Park dockage with park and promenade improvements and the completion of the Vogel Harbor bulkhead wall replacement. Phase II also includes $1.3 million of the bonding funding being dedicated towards the 2018 renewal and renovation project of the Sheldon Theatre.

Boat Dockage & General Improvements

Adequate boat dockage and general improvements to the levee wall area and the promenade at Levee Park have been a concern for over 15 years. Improvements are also needed for traffic and pedestrian circulation. This is especially true when large riverboats dock at Levee Park July through October during the riverboat season.

Final Planning & Engineering Design

The City Council in August 2017 authorized the initiation of the final planning and engineering design for the project. The first part of the engineering design will be refining the initial concept design and completing the environmental and regulatory review process. The entire engineering design process and regulatory review may take six months to a year to receive all final approvals.

Project Budget

The budget for the project is $5,041,045 and includes: the state bonding funding a $1.6 million grant from the MnDOT Port Development Assistance Program and $403,000 of City funding.