He Mni Can-Barn Bluff Master Plan

The purpose of the He Mni Can-Barn Bluff Master Plan is to provide long-term guidance for the development, preservation, and management of the bluff--one of Red Wing’s signature riverfront parks and a landscape icon for the community.

Plan Adoption

The Red Wing City Council adopted the He Mni Can - Barn Bluff Master Plan on Monday, June 27, 2016. The plan was the result of an extensive process that involved numerous public engagement opportunities over an eight-month period.

He Mni Can - Barn Bluff Master Plan.

Barn Bluff Graffiti Policy Report, August 29, 2018

If This Bluff Could Talk

The City of Red Wing announces that it has issued a Call for Artist (RFQ) for a creative artist to lead a Community Placemaking project that will focus on engaging the community in telling a variety of stories about Red Wing’s powerful and iconic natural landmark: He Mni Can – Barn Bluff

The deadline for applications is October 5, 2018.

For more information, contact: Brian C. Peterson AICP, Special Project Manager, City of Red Wing, City Hall, 315 West 4th Street, Red Wing, MN 55066; 651.385.3617; Brian.Peterson@ci.red-wing.mn.us

Master Plan Background Information


During and after the meetings there was a survey individuals were asked to fill out, and 289 citizens responded to the survey. The purpose behind the survey was to gather and process public input for the He Mni Can-Barn Bluff Master Plan. The results of the survey included:

Stakeholder Group Meetings

A series of meetings were conducted with various stakeholder groups that have a special interest in the He Mni Can-Barn Bluff Master Plan. These meetings were intended to help gather information that would be pertinent to the development of the Master Plan and will help to augment other information gathered by on-line surveys and public meetings. The meeting dates and summaries include: