City's Response to EAB

What Is the City Doing in Response to EAB?

The City has a plan in place. It details the City’s authority to act, identifies risks and resources, and makes recommendations that will allow the City to manage EAB proactively and strategically. Among the strategies for public trees:

EAB Trap
  • The City no longer plants new ash trees on public property
  • A tree inspector monitors ash trees in the business district and in residential neighborhoods
  • The City cooperates with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to establish trap trees and set purple traps in the city
  • The Public Works Department began removing ash trees, starting with those in poor to fair condition or with major defects, at a rate of up 5% per year
  • Ash trees that are removed are replaced in accordance with the Urban Forest Asset Management Plan and public works operating procedures.